I'm planning to write a book about wizards and witches. And I thought I will give you the descriptions and names of the two (so far) main characters and their pets.

James Alan Steven – Strong willed, loyal, brown hair that covers his forehead and sweeps to the side. His eyes change colour because his father blocked him from curse but it effected his eyes. He has a strong jaw, looks like his father with his mothers nose and mouth, he's tall like his father. Slight olive skin tone.

Alice Karla Grace- she's graceful, skilled flyer, shes strong. She has waist length blonde hair, when wet curls into ringlets,sparkly, lively green eyes almond shaped, button nose, small lips, thin eyebrows, heart shaped face. Pale skin tone.

Alice's pet - Athena snow white cat with emerald green eyes that shine the same as Alice's.

James pet - Soren a Tawny owl, that has a soft brown mark around it's neck like a necklace.

Tell me what you think - Juni/Ginny.