This is the list of students in James and Alice's year.

1.Acker, Darian

2.Bennett, Luke

3.Christophers, Daniel

4.Daria, Shannon

5.Elliot, Aaron

6.Franks, Annie

7.Franks, Thomas

8.Fry, Louise

9.Grace, Alice (middle name Karla)

10.John, Cameron

11.Long, Matthew

12.Lester, Jake

13.Marritt, Logan

14.Marroon, Elise

15.Portlin, Noa-Nada

16.Sander, Kaytlin

17.Savage, Henry

18.Simmons, Georgia

19.Simmons, Valerie

20.Simmons, Leo

21.Steven, James (middle name Alan)

22.Stones, Ryan

23.Taylor, Sarah

24.Teel, Miranda

25.Taura, Lily

26.Underhill, Grayson

27.Vance, Drake

28.Vann, Jeanette

29.Virgo, Dean

30.Virgo, Will

31.Wallis, Mike

32.Walsh, Jack

33.Ward, Mira (Lewis cousin)

34.Ward, Lewis (Mira cousin)

35.York, Natalie

36.Younge, Nate

37.Young, Pamela

38.Zallas, Jean

39.Zee, Miley

40.Zadini, Harriet

Tell me what you think of the names - Juni/Ginny

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