This is a list of Alice's family with description.

Marissa Grace – long greying blonde hair, brown eyes, kind face, short.

Benjamin Grace – greying blonde hair, green eyes, plumb.

Liam Grace – short spiky blonde hair, blue eyes. Tall.(12)

Pete Grace – short blonde hair, blue eyes. Tall, thin.(18)

Marie Grace – shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, tall. (16)

Gemma Grace – chin length blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7”. (16)

Oliver Grace – short blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'2”. (16)

Harley Grace – long blonde hair, blue eyes,tall (boy, 9).

Jamie Grace – short blonde hair (boyish cut), blue eyes, short. (girl, 10).

Bella Grace – short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, (6)

David Grace - dark curly black hair, brown eyes. (Alice's dad)

Sophie Grace - long straight blonde hair, blue eyes. (Alice's mum)

(note: Marie, Gemma and Oliver are triplets.)

You like? - Juni/Ginny

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